Importance of Housekeeping Department

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Importance of Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping is the biggest physical area in many hotels. The main function of Housekeeping is to ensure Cleanliness, Comfort, Convenience, Privacy, Health and Hygiene in a safe environment.
Housekeeping is just not cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly, materials. Good Housekeeping is also a basic part of accident and fire prevention.

When gust walk in to a hotel they have a previously not visited thy from instantaneous impressions, These impressions are enhanced or diminished as the gust moves from the registration desk to the elevator and down the corridor towards a room that he is approaching with either mild anticipation or trepidation. When the gust enters the room however all prior impressions are immediately supplanted by a virtually total response to the room itself. “Rooms are the heart of the hotel” Unless there d├ęcor is appropriate, air odor free, the room it self is spotlessly clean the hotel will loose guests as potential repeat guests.

Effective Housekeeping is an ongoing operation. Regardless of the size and structure most of the Housekeeping department in hotels will be responsible for cleaning the following are such as.

Gust rooms
Public areas, such as the lobby and public toilets
Management Offices
Employee locker rooms
Linen and uniform room

In addition to all above areas Housekeeping departments of star class hotels will be responsible for cleaning the following areas too.

Banquet area
Hotel operated shops
Health & sports center

Since Housekeeping is responsible for cleaning a large area within the hotel it is essential to establish good communication. The Methods used for communication may differ from place to another, but mostly used will be memos, telephone, paging systems, pre-printed forms, light and computers.


The Importance of the room to a guest

The room is the most important place to a guest. Every guest expects a clean room. They expect Comfort, Convenience, Safety & Privacy and Hygiene in the guestrooms.


What dose a room meant to a guest?

What dose a room meant to a guest?



Hotels spend lot of money in ensuring the quality of beds, mattresses temperature controls, hot and cold water, Etc. The comport means it must be regularly maintained and functioning.



A guest is provided with entertainment, food and beverage services telephone services Etc. The guest is thus to spend all the time towards fulfilling his purpose of travel. The housekeeping personnel must ensure that all literature regarding the facilities is provided in the room for the convenience of the guest.


Safety and security

Safety and Security of the Guest has to be ensured to the guest by checking and maintaining entrance is only through one door and it should be able to double lock from inside; strict control of room keys and master keys. Precautions in the room to ensure all electrical wirings concealed and smoke detectors and fire alarm system in proper working order.



All rooms are provided with curtains, some with separate light day curtains and heavy dark night curtains. The entrance to the room procedure is well defined to ensure the guest privacy. (Safety chain, Magic eye)


Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene
All Housekeeping personnel are well trained in using correct usage of cleaning agents, equipment, and methods for benefit of the guest and staff themselves.


Housekeeping Relationship and Coordination with other Department

Launders & dry cleans linen
Launders & dry cleans uniforms
Issuing clean uniform & linen Flower arrangements
Special cleaning


Housekeeping Relationship with Front Office

Front Office
-In form housekeeping of arrivals and departures, room changes
-room status
-VIP arrivals
-guest request
-Occupancy forecast
-room discrepancy
Bell desk / concierge
-removal of luggage
-attending to guest request
-providing information


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