Duties of Floor Supervisor

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Duties of Floor Supervisor
1) Secure4 keys and work sheets for assigned floor/ floors, on reporting to duty.
2) Proceed to assigned floor/floors and check all ready rooms to make sure they are up to stranded for arrivals and any discrepancies to be noted and notified to the desk
3) Report all departments and other information such as “early make up” as soon as possible to room attendants.
4) Make around of entire assigned floor/floors, checking for items in need of immediate attention such as burned out bulbs sport carpets, walls and trash in stairways.
5) Check all floor service areas and its supplies and equipment, to make sure that they are in working order.
6) Spot-check and inspect rooms completed by the room attendants in the section. Make sure that standards have properly met in rooms.
7) Keep a record of all gust rooms deep cleaned in each floor so that rooms are periodically cleaned on a rotating basis.
8) Report any damage to guestroom, corridors or equipment seen or reported by attendants.
9) Report to engineering, using a maintenance work order and any defect or equipment failure
10) Periodically contact Housekeeping office to advice them of all ready rooms and to receive check out rooms.


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